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Day trips for anyone with an interest in photography

Cape Town Photo Tours are designed for photographers of all levels of experience and equipment. Whether you are using a state of the art SLR camera or just the camera on your phone you will be shown how to get the most out of each photo opportunity by your photo guide.

Your guide will be on hand to explain some fundamental photographic skills in an easy to understand way that will improve the way you take pictures immediately.

This selection of day trips in and around Cape Town have been designed by photographers for photographers of all levels of experience. We will take you to the right places at the right times to maximise your photo opportunities in a relaxed and un-rushed schedule. You will be accompanied by a skilled "photo guide" who will show you how to get the best shots possible and teach you some new skills along the way. You don't even have to have a fancy camera as the photo guide will lend you an amazing Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera to use during the day free of charge*.

We have re-designed all of the traditional tours that our clients want to go on and do our best to avoid the crowds where possible. We only use smaller vehicles which allows us the flexibility to use the routes unavailble to the larger coaches and buses giving you a more exclusive touring experience.

Cape Town Photo Tours are not just for tourists though. We encourage time-pressed Capetonians who perhaps dont have time to attend a lengthy photography course to come on one or two of our day trips and learn some new photographic skills in a fun and engaging outdoors experience. From beginners to professional photographers everyone benefits from learning in a small like-minded group of individuals led by an experienced photographic guide on one of our Cape Town tours.

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