About us

Cape Town Photo Tours

We offer private tours for those wanting a more personalised and customised experience and specialise in photographic tours of our beautiful city, Cape Town, for photographers of all levels of ability and experience.

We have a number of suggested tours on offer that you can choose from but we also encourage you to build your own itinerary for the day if there are any specific places you would like to photograph or visit. All tours are led by qualified photo guides with extensive knowledge of Cape Town and its surrounding areas.

Cape Town Photo Club

We also offer workshops and events on a monthly basis in and around Cape Town “focusing” on different topics allowing you to pick and choose what aspects of photography you would like to learn about or that most appeal to you. On some occasion we are lucky enough to have a world class photographer speak at these events to share their images, their techniques and their photo adventures.

Watch our Promo Tour Video (3 mins)